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Enjoy 20% increased rates by joining a party with a minimum of 5 members.

Playable via Android Devices. Play anywhere!

Hunt MVP Boss together with your friends and earn rewards!

How to donate via

Register account at
Login your account and Click "Cash In"
You can now choose any method but we recommend by using 7/11

Other Options are:

Enter your donation amount to load in your account (Minimum of 300php) and click "next step".

You will see your Reference number that you will need to pay and load your account

After adding balance on your account you may now proceed in sending of donation.
Just click the "send" button.

Send your donations to:

Also, forward the email confirmation from and the receipt, together with the following details:

Email address:

Name: Last Name, First Name, Middle Name

Donation Amount Sent:

Mobile Number:

In-Game Name (IGN):

Facebook Account link(Optional):

To Our beloved Players,

    We are very grateful to players who are thinking about making a donation to our server. Our utmost goal is to give you players the best Ragnarok Online experience. It is overwhelming to our part that you wish to donate in order to help us in maintaining the server on its expenses and from providing you the ability to play, the server itself, advertising and marketing, managing the website, and various other costs-- in order to keep the server healthy and thriving. Your donation will help with the upkeep of the server and investing in its endeavors. We appreciate what you do so much and as a token of our appreciation we shall give you a Proof of Donation (POD) Ticket in game. We shall keep the server stable and justly to promise that every cent of donation you've given won't go to waste.

  Donations are final, non-refundable, and non-resellable.
  All of your transaction information that you provide will remain confidential.
  Donation rewards are only made to give the donors a token of appreciation for funding the server.
  Donating is on a voluntary basis, no one is required to donate, it is not a mandatory.